Endless Love Endless Love - 萊納李奇 Lionel Richie My loveThere's only you in my 個人信貸lifeThe only thing that's rightMy first loveYou're every breath that I 宜蘭民宿takeYou're every step I makeAnd II want to shareAll my love with youNo one else will 室內裝潢doAnd your eyesThey tell me how much you careOh, yes you will always beMy endless love Two 售屋網heartsTwo hearts that beat as oneOur lives had just begunForeverI'll hold you close in G2000my armsI can't resist your charmsAnd loveI'll be a fool for youI'm sureBut You 土地買賣know I don't mindBut You know I don't mind'Cause youYou mean the world to 術後面膜meOh, I knowI know I found in youMy endless loveOhAnd loveI'll be that fool for 室內設計youI'm sureYou know I don't mindYou know I don't mindAnd yesYou'll be the 21世紀房屋仲介only one'Cause no one can't denyThis love I have insideAnd I'll give it all to 關鍵字行銷youMy love My endless love...
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